Derrick Hickman

I have chosen the familiar images of toys as a vehicle to explore self-doubt and the idea of what is normal, particularly through the scope of popular media, merchandising and signage.


They are one of our earliest introductions to commercialized happiness and our self-comparisons. My intent is to draw the viewer in to the work through the representation of iconic playthings that cue nostalgic reflection, whether real or perceived. These images are often juxtaposed against distressed textures, personal narrative and the promise of advertisement text.

"Call Your Mother"

acrylic on board

24" x 20"

"Puppy Eyes"

acrylic on board

48" x 24"


"Tough Guy"

acrylic on board with photo transfer

24" x 48"

Bennett Gallery

2104 Crestmoor Rd

Nashville TN 37215