Jim Goshorn

Jim Goshorn has been interested in all of the arts from a very early age. Originally from Memphis, TN, he attended Auburn University in Alabama where he pursued a degree in Fine Art. Later, at Rhodes University, In Memphis, he studied sculpture under Lawrence Anthony and painting under Dolph Smith. Although he always kept a hand in creative pursuits, he didn’t begin full-time work in the arts and sculpting until 2002 after his two daughters were grown.


The figures of enlongated women that make up a large portion of Jim’s work are derived from the women he remembers in childhood, including his mother, aunts and their friends. Other subject matter includes birds, wildlife and fantasy figures. In addition, custom pieces can be created for indoor or outdoor installation, including gardens and fountains.


Jim and his wife, Jennie, also an artist, enjoy working with children (and adults), sharing their love for the visual arts, literature, and music. They live and work in the Honeycomb area of Grant, AL, just north of Lake Guntersville.


"Choir Boy"

steel and bronze

62" x 14" x 14"




37" x 27" x 10"

"Hauling Water"

steel and bronze

24" x 7" x 6"


"A Simple Flute"


53" x 10" x 14"

"Ladies in Line"

steel and bronze

22" x 12" x 4"

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