Linda Ledet

Artist Statement

"My life, spirit and art are intertwined. For me, art is all about connection - to God, myself, others and creation. Painting is much more a response to Divine Love and Grace rather than a mere rendition of a subject onto a canvas. The artwork begins to beat with its own heart. Painting is a mystery. I am always inspired. Every painting reveals its own experience not just to the beholder but to me. I hope that the truth of the art will resonate with all who seek truth. My signature, "Fidelis", is both a prayer of gratitude and a reminder to be faithful in giving glory to God, the Creator and Lover of Life, Who lets me."


A dedicated oil painter, Linda Ledet has attended classes and workshops at Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama and the University of South Alabama. She has also studied under master artists including Wolf Kahn, Kevin MacPherson, Carolyn Anderson, John Cosby, Dan Gerhartz, Robert Johnson, Kim English, Tom Browning and Ken Backhaus.


Oil Painters of America

Art Institute of Chicago

Metropolitan Museum of Art

National Museum of Women in the Arts

"Pizzazz Peacock"

oil on canvas

72" x 48"



oil on canvas

48" x 36"


"The Olive Grove"

oil on canvas

48" x 48"

"Perspective (Where We're Going and Where We've Been)"

oil on linen

30" x 30"



"West Virginia Morn"

oil on canvas

40" x 30"

"Bright Lights"

oil on canvas

20" x 24"

Bennett Gallery

2104 Crestmoor Rd

Nashville TN 37215