Lisa Jennings

Artist Statement

As an artist, I would like my art to represent nature refined, to bring the old and new together, the ancient and modern linked by simplistic wisdom from the past into the fast paced present. I want my work to be as intense, beautiful, and spirited-filled as life itself. I enjoy using subtle organic symbols from the ancient past that we all can identify with in the present. I am concerned with the inner person, how life interacts with us, how we communicate our life’s lessons, joys, sorrows, wisdom, and love. I work in many mediums to create paintings and sculptures that have multiple layers, textures, depth, and emotion, always exploring the subtleties of our world…to render them and in turn share with the viewer in hopes that they too will ponder life and identify with all humanity and the universe.
The paintings I create are reflective to the sculptures in the same way that I portray similar figures, objects and shapes. I use many layers in each painting to create a very organic feeling. I like people to actually touch all my work, because it has considerable texture, inviting even more connection to the paintings and sculptures. Many layers are created using applied papers and natural fibers along with glazing layers of pigments and acrylic mediums, enhancing images of figures, objects and other areas of interest in the painting.
My sculptures are made of found stone and wood that I hunt for on my various trips throughout the United States and travels abroad overseas. I take day trips to the local streams in my area of Tennessee and to Arkansas and have traveled as far away as Wyoming to gather stone and wood to create with. I even have stone and shell from Ireland and also the Sahara desert as inlays in some of my sculptures. The love of stone started as a young child; every place we lived during my childhood, my mother and I would hunt the local fossils and semi precious stones of that area. I love finding the stone and wood in that I have honestly chosen each piece for its residual energy, unique shape and coloration.
Much of my inspiration can be found in Mother Nature. Personally, sitting close to the earth, walking on quiet a trail, wading in a stream looking for stone and wood is as powerful as sitting with others in worship. I have used my own life’s experience and many reference materials based on cave etchings, aboriginal teachings, ancient/modern art and post-modern art as inspiration and reference.
My love of traveling the world as a tool to learn aboriginal cultures in depth has opened and enriched my creative well of inspiration to draw from. I have made multiple trips to intimately study the societies in Ireland, and Morocco and I have experienced the outback in Australia through some of the most beautiful and rugged areas of what is called the Red Center.
The love of sharing with others whether talking about the creative process or teaching people of all ages is very important to me as well, and the contact with others serves as an ongoing inspiration. Artists such as Rothko, Tapies, Diebenkorn, Romare Bearden and Hans Hoffman have also influenced me. One of the most enduring and closest influences in my life has been the love, wisdom and interaction with my mentor, non-objective artist, Anton Weiss. The combination of all these studies and the love of mankind, along with my deep spirituality to walk my creative path have lent ideas to the unique concept that threads through all my pieces of art. I endeavor to create a lasting, classic and enduring message within each painting and sculpture.

"Little Pink House"

mixed media on canvas

26" x 48"


mixed media on canvas

40" x 34"

"Journey Through the Center"

mixed media on canvas

46" x 46"

"Whirly Gig I"

mixed media

18 1/4" x 18 1/4"

"Whirly Gig II"

mixed media

18 1/4" x 18 1/4"

"Whirly Gig III"

mixed media

18 1/4" x 18 1/4"

"Along The Path"

mixed media sculpture set

"The Four Seasons"
mixed media sculpture set


"A Stitch and A Star Will Show the Way Home"

mixed media on paper

39" x 32"

"She Grew Everything With Love"

mixed media on canvas

48" x 48"

Bennett Gallery

2104 Crestmoor Rd

Nashville TN 37215