Melita Osheowitz

Artists Statement


I was raised in a Frank Lloyd Wright home, a round house to be specific, in a comminity called Usonia in upstate New York. I grew up in his vision, his "painting," so to speak. Wright's architecture is nature-inspired, with blurred lines between indoors and out, material objects seamlessley integrated and all in their proper place, so that the focus is always on what I believe was most important to him: nature. His vision, my home and the comminity in general influenced me very deeply, in ways I didn't realize until later in life. I belive the earth tones that I use in my art and my love of the sky are largely due to growing up under Wright's constant presence and influence.

Anyone daring enough to buy a Wright house or want to live in his community would have to be artistically minded, way left of center, and both my parents were and are. So, painting, beginning at the age of twelve, seemed second nature, like brushing my teeth. I immediately felt a peace and a fearlessness in art which I feel to this day is the only place I can truly be myself. Like many artists, I am extremely shy and introspective. Painting has been the greatest form of meditation and communication I have found.

I am self-taught, and much prefer finding my way via experimentation. Oftentimes, a great idea or technique is born from attempting something, failing, and discovering something completely new as a result. I paint every painting that way. I work in oil, and, for me, oil functions more like clay, allowing the painting to evolve and take on a life of its own. I am hightly infleunced by color and find it to be the driving force of my work. Subject matter is important, but color is the life force.

Botero and Tamayo, Miro and Shel Silverstein are tremendous influences - all have a very whimsical and childlike quality. There is a playfulness and use of humor in all of their art that gently leads you to the spiritual, the weighty, through the side door. I want to do that. I hope I do that.

"Untitled" (Landscape)

oil on canvas

60" x 36"

"Untitled" (Buffalo)

oil on canvas

40" x 40"

"Untitled" (Goose with Egg)

oil on canvas

48" x 48"

"Untitled" (Five Geese with Eggs and Birds)

oil on canvas

60" x 36"

Bennett Gallery

2104 Crestmoor Rd

Nashville TN 37215