Paul Weber


Artist Statement

My art is fundamentally conservative in nature. I concentrate on traditional aspects of painting: illusion of space, depiction of volume, suggestion of enveloping light.


I prefer still life subject matter. Everyday objects in eloquent arrangements has architecture, local color, variety of shapes, forms, and scale, and doesn't get up and go anywhere. I work directly from life. Prolonged observation, concentration becomes informed and layered with memory and invention. A complete painting never looks like the original motif. My objects move around, appear and disappear as the overall pictorial structure evolves.


My paintings strive to be simple, yet complex. A coherent, unified, refined image can be apprehended "all at once," but sub-groupings, variations on the theme, hidden surprises reward extended looking. Beyond the obvious appearance of objects skillfully drawn, symbolic connotations arise. An empty, receptive vessel, a robust fruit, a discarded, wrinkled paper in its afterlife.


My paintings strive to express a feeling of eloquent stillness, silence, contemplation such as one might experience in a small chapel. A muted palette, relatively narrow band of paint handling, small objects contribute to this effect. A matter of factness within an atmospheric space.


Apparently I have an artistic split personality. My fascination with landscape embraces a chaotic, improvisational approach--thick paint, blurred forms, casual touch. Maybe as time goes by I'll find a way to reconcile still life and landscape.



Paul Weber lives in Fox Lake, Illinois. He's a professionally trained artist with academic degrees from St. John's University and the University of Iowa, where he received his MFA. He recently retired from a 20-year career in graphic design and software engineering, and is now painting full time.



oil on panel

20" x 24"


"Brass Bowl"

oil on panel

20" x 16"



oil on panel

16 1/4" x 12"


oil on panel

10" x 8"

"Study II"

oil on panel

14" x 11"

"Study III"
oil on panel

14" x 11"

"Wild Cat State Park"
oil on panel

24" x 7 3/4"

"Towards Evening"

oil on panel

28" x 24"

"Vessel Study"

oil on panel


oil on panel

40" x 10"

"Oracle I"

oil on panel

16" x 20"



"Oracle II"

oil on panel

24" x 20"

"Dark Still Life"

oil on panel

48 1/2" x 12"

"Tomatillo, Study"

oil on panel

6 3/4" x 6 3/4"


"Vessel, Study"

oil on panel

12" x 11"



"Brass Vial II"

oil on panel

10" x 8"


oil on panel

24" x 26"


oil on panel

48" x 22"

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