Saul Gray-Hildenbrand

Artist Statement

The exploration of materials, language and ideas through the lens of the contemporary American experience describes very generally my work. I see my process as a set of non-scientific experiments, more akin to Duchamp’s idea of play than rigorous, constant and variable equations. I tend to work serially on variations of theme, which often spur curious tangents worthy of further pursuit.  


The anonymous figure is central to much of my work. It acts as an archetype for the viewer, a gateway for empathy and relatability.   In my installations the representation of the figure is absent.  The viewer takes the place in the map like structures, surfaces  or environments. 


Artist Biography

Born In Petosky, MI in 1977.
Saul received his BFA from Grand Valley State University in 2000.

Foreign study:  sculpture at Kingston University, Surbiton, England in 1999.   

Saul was born and raised in Michigan, has lived in Colorado, California, and currently resides near Nashville, Tennessee. 

Saul has worked as preparator, curator, picture framer, factory worker, video clerk, racetrack utility man, and as disaster mitigation tech. All of these vocations have informed his work. 

Saul works in a variety of media from oil painting to installation. His work is influenced by folk, modern art and contemporary art. Saul's paintings, drawings, and sculptures are a reaction to the world around him - sometimes mundane sometimes ironic sometimes absurd with a sprinkling of dark humor and joyful misanthropy.  



mixed media on panel

38 1/2" x 38 1/2"

"Tattered Victory"

matches and acrylic on board

48" x 36"

"Remembering to Forget"

mixed media on panel

18" x 15"

"One Hundred Hours of Worry"

ceramic on panel

8" x 10"

"Evaporative Castles #2"

matches and acrylic on board

48" x 36"

Bennett Gallery

2104 Crestmoor Rd

Nashville TN 37215